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  • Marcus J. Hopkins

Navigating Monkeypox: Challenges Patients Face

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CANN Monkeypox Infographic

By: Marcus J. Hopkins

October 10th, 2022

The Community Access National Network (CANN) has launched an ambitious patient awareness campaign focused on the ongoing Monkeypox (MPV) outbreak. Its ‘MPV Response Project for People Living with HIV’ seeks to gather data and issue reports covering MPV in the United States. The reports will focus on epidemiological trends, vaccine access and equity, state-level access to vaccine and antiviral supplies, HIV and MPV co-infection risk and reporting, and the latest news related to the outbreak. The project is broad in scope, and it will tackle the MPV outbreak in a way that is both data-focused and patient-centric.

Check out the full blog over on the Community Access National Network site:


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