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  • Marcus J. Hopkins

This Giving Tuesday, Help APPLI Reach Our Goal

By: Marcus J. Hopkins November 10th, 2022

This Giving Tuesday, the Appalachian Learning Initiative is launching our first fundraising campaign. Our goal: $1,000

The Appalachian Learning Initiative has a mission to work toward a world in which everyone living in Appalachia and across the United States has equitable access to:

  • Free or low-cost opportunities to improve their ability to read and perform basic mathematics

  • Information about public health and infectious diseases that is timely, accurate, and easy to understand

  • High-quality, affordable, and accountable healthcare and social services to improve their quality of life

​We work to achieve this goal by engaging, educating, and empowering our community using easy-to-understand infographics, informational videos, and reading lists designed to increase awareness of life in Appalachia.


APPLI's First-Year Impacts

In our first year of operation (2022), the Appalachian Learning Initiative has:

  • Created 906 infographics, including 888 state- and county-level and 18 public health infographics

  • Recommended 38 books across 5 reading lists

  • Created 10 informational videos since September 2022

  • Operated six social media channels that have gained over 500 followers

  • Launched a new website in July 2022

  • Launched a monthly newsletter in September 2022


How APPLI Uses Donations

All donations received will be used for the purposes of operational expenses, such as website hosting, communication software, research software, technology equipment purchasing, and other costs that help APPLI conduct research, provide reporting on adult literacy, numeracy, public health, and public services provision, and continue operations.

​Donations WILL NOT be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Executive or staff salaries

  • Personal expenses

  • Meals

  • Transportation or travel

All donations received will be fully accounted for in APPLI's regular annual report. All donors will have the opportunity to have their name listed in the report as a donor, as well as any donation attributions (e.g., "In memory of..." donations).


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